This is one of the shots from food photography I recently did! Photo taken using Nikon D7100 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II lens. Color correction done using iPhone camera app.

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As a sportsman, this truly makes me sad. Stay strong, Novak!

Writing is so powerful. Just time traveled 14 years back by reading what I wrote years ago. Reading it made me realize I had written that for my future self to be read at the exact time I read it today. Call it a coincidence but this is the best example of time travel I have ever come close to.

"... the strongest predictor of lower cognitive performance on the vocabulary test was lower educational level, followed by lower current family income and higher celebrity worship levels."

Just failed my motorcycle permit test the fourth time 🏍

Zeeshan redoged
Zeeshan redoged

also re-reading what you have read previously is so good!

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i don't get how people read a whole book in a matter of hours. do they really enjoy the read? I like to stop from time to time to soak in what I am reading. the pleasure of immersing yourself into the read is so much desirable. the content starts to make sense if you care to think about what you are reading.

Still better than an average 10% raise in most industries. It would have been 8.53C INR after five years (5.3*1.1^5)

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He should opt to get paid in a deflationary currency to hedge against the down season!

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Ran into a couple of interesting projects:

These guy have a 605,319.6% APY! How is this even possible?! Where do they make money to give such hefty returns?

Another one is called "Time Wonderland" with same style of staking rewards @ around 82,000% APY

Any ideas? Rug Pull?

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