The crypto market sentiment has changed from Bitcoin adoption to the dog fight arena.

xuanling11 redoged

Published my Shiba article again. After I published my first part, Shiba has gained 6x just in 4 days! I think Shiba becomes a better version of the Dogecoin in the short term. It is time for Doge to rethink about their future.

No to mention today is Ethereum 2.0 launched day. It is quietly alive!

Clearly, Shiba has been pumped by the market and people are FOMO about it!
Time is for doge to pump!

Published my new articles about banking adoption of cryptocurrencies. Now they realize how crypto is important but it is too late. Crypto was created to not need banks' support and eliminate third parties. Banking needs to evolve and provide more creative supports than just relying on the crypto trend to barely survive.

xuanling11 redoged
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