Here you go with my today's market update. Nothing really happened this weekend except the dip and bought the dip.
The cover is dual and represents the market is recovering.
1 min video summary is here

⚠️Scam: Faking giveaway PS5

Reason scam: fake message to ask for $600 in return for free PS5

Scam types: fake giveaway, fake free products

Published my new article about Dogecoin again. I think Dogecoin is missing out big time and it has not improved itself since. Its future is uncertain.
1 min summary is here

Here is the summary of today's market. It is a blood bath. Charlie Munger makes it worse.
The cover picture today is the dark window that looks outside of the city light and the hope is looming.
Here is 1 min summary video:

Charlie Munger came out to bash Bitcoin again.

I always found it amusing that people listen to 97 years old rather than 20 years old.

Who is presenting the future?

⚠️Scam: Celsius

Reason scam: lost from hacking incidents of approximately $54M or a little under 1/2 of BadgerDAO

Scam types: uncover lost funds from customers, potential go out of business

Someone paid 149ETH or $650K just for a virtual boat ride in Metaverse.

Published my new article about Coinbase AWS's dream. They are ambitious. Only the problem is that crypto AWS defeats the purpose of decentralization.
Here is 1 min video:

Here is today's summary of the market. The highlight is Square changed its name to Block. It does not help its stock to improve.
The cover for today is the holiday since it is the holiday season.
1 min video in case you want to skip the reading:

⚠️Scam: $30K airdrop (⚠️⚠️DO NOT CLICK THE SITE!!⚠️⚠️)

Reason scam: scam token with scam codes that can have malicious contracts to spend and steal your NFTs. Do not link your wallet to the site

Scam types: scam code, scam token, and code to steal funds

Adidas enters into the Metaverse. Probably nothing really significant.

Published my new article about CBDC. If it converts to crypto or NFTs, the CBDC lost its ability to track users. Crypto is the best to prevent privacy leaking.
Here is 1 min summary of the video:

Here is my summary of the market today. The highlight is Square CashApp integrates Bitcoin Taproot support.
The cover I choose is a coffee shop and the market is just like a coffee shop to buy from with a cheap discount sale.
Here is 1 min short video:

The stock market has a doom day but the crypto market is at party time!

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