It’s 🐝-n a while but I am back. Hey @HellaDoge + @mahdoge . Love your replies on Twitter, got stuck in the CT rabbit hole. Feels good to be back in the promised land 🙏 🐕

Hey, so yeah - I’m still here. Oh, I’ve been “out there”, trying to syndicate the message that @mahdoge is the best of the peeps out there, but they won’t listen. I’m sorry to have to say this, but we NEED you out there on the frontlines. Twitter is dead but no one knows it yet - get out there and bring the plebs home. Just toss us an on your way home

FYI - relaunched on Cosmos/IBC - time to claim your FRENS

Hey fellow mom, it’s been a while 🐝😢🫥

Hey babes, it’s been a minute. Work has been craaaaazy

Dude, MAJOR promps to @mahdoge @HellaDoge for sending me a link to the new TestFlight for iOS. 🐶🐶🐶

wheel redoged
wheel redoged

My goal in life is to never do this with my lips and never have baggy eyes like this - dude taking all kinds of Ls. Who knows what kind of meds and drugs he’s addicted to smh

Keeping getting ads for Erectile Dysfunction pills and I’m like my dick works just fine, I just don’t have anything to stick it in rn, marketing people

wheel redoged
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