my top three memes 1) british 21 savage 2) Windows update in middle of Nasa rocket launch 3) pending

“Left up to meezy, it would be freezy but it ain’t that easy” -Ye

Ayo I just discovered the 😂😂😂 shits kinda 🅱️ tho 🔥🔥🔥

have tried out several defi projects, just to end up back at frax. most projects branded themselves as legacy like retirement protocols, which misses the point vs frax was always pioneering the foundations of defi. Hence why they were early adopters of convex/curve. they have executed miraculously.

here’s the number to my # : : : they’re fuckinh awesome at listening ,

👍🤙🏽😆 so what now.. what’s a good alternative

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