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if you are down financially, emotionally or deep in that pu$$y... just know all you have to do is HODL!!!! let it all workout my friend. let stocks be an analogy for lyfe. we might get boned by the market one day, but we will live to see another. just don't get aids and fucking smile bro. go to the strip club and make it rain, pinch your nipples, watch wolf of wall street again. Always remember we are going to the 🌕

I luv crypto but I don’t think El Salvador is being wise rn

Praying Bitcoin goes much lower. An opportunity to buy much more!

Grow weed on Mars?? Like tell me you wouldn’t pay $100 to get a single hit of some Mars kush

Hate me, but I’m gonna be honest. Tesla has many competitors that are rumored to have cars that are nicer, more efficient and cheaper. What are your guys thoughts on companies such as Lucid?

240 degenerates following WSB on helladoge. 57% of 420. You guys are the best

The curse of Christian Bale. A man that acted as Batman = 12 people die in a movie theatre. Plays Michael Burry = Michael turns into a bear

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