Hello my friends.
The storm is coming
These clouds are like perfect cotton balls that turn into an impending storm. The person who took this picture said that every 17,000 km or so, he finds a scene as beautiful as this. The golden sun peeking out from behind dark clouds looks like a ray of hope in a stormy sky.
The photo looks too pretty to be real, but it is untouched.

Great Fire Falls
This is Yosemite Firefall. It looks like flowing lava or liquid fire, but in reality it is just a ray of sunlight caught at the right moment. During the last two weeks of February, if there is enough snow or a clear sunset, the beam of light will be visible for about 10 minutes.
Depending on the weather, this may only last a few minutes, but it really is a phenomenon.

Hello friends, everyone. Meet this three-year-old Yuuki, she is Yuchok-spider, Yuchka. Very petite, plush, stupidly affectionate and quiet, but there is more than enough revenge and harm in this little creature.

You can imagine how good it should smell in this place? Also remains a mystery, as these two fields did not cross. Farmers must have a lot work to maintain it perfectly split field. A sharp contrast between the purple lavender color and beige wheat really makes a photo bright.
If you take a little lavender and wheat from each field, you can cook many delicious recipes, for example, buns with lavender

When you look at this photo, you can almost feel yourself transported to the smooth sands of a luxurious beach, accompanied by the sound of the ocean, immersing you in deep relaxation. This perfectly timed photo must have taken forever due to the fast moving waves.
A wave breaking against a rock looks like a soft cotton blanket tossed into the air as you curl up underneath to keep warm.

The cutest little animals that were recently born.
Even if you are not a wildlife lover, you probably pay attention to small animals that cannot leave you indifferent. Small animals are incredibly cute and make us feel good.
There are no other people's children

Good morning my dear friends!
The process of making a kebab seems quite simple: meat, marinade and barbecue. There are actually many nuances to watch out for in this classic dish, from the quality of the meat and the timing of the marinade to the temperature of the coals and the precise roasting of the meat. Moreover, the latter largely depends on the intuition and experience of the cook.

Oven-baked lobster (lobster) tails are a spectacular and elegant dish for a special occasion, be it a romantic dinner, birthday, anniversary or March 8th. An exquisite presentation and a delicate taste of a seafood delicacy correspond to the restaurant level and will decorate any festive table. This method of cooking lobster tails is very popular in American fish restaurants and is called butterfly.

rocket launch through a foggy morning. One of my favorites that I’ve photographed!

Sometimes cats lie so artistically that it is impossible to pass by!
And isn't it really easy to distinguish redheads?

As a child, my grandmother warmed up pasta in a frying pan and they were much tastier than ordinary ones, just cooked, because they were crispy ...

Hello everyone. Here is such a beautiful and unusual kitty walking down the street

vitaxa redoged

💙 Unusual factoid 💙

Newborn porcupines have soft quills. They only harden after a few days.

That's why babies don't hurt their prickly mothers at birth.

Payment giant Mastercard is launching payment cards that support Bitcoin - during payment, the balance in the cryptocurrency will be instantly converted into fiat.

At the moment, the service will be available to customers from the Asia-Pacific region, who will be able to order cards and use them around the world.

Spiders of north america
Today, there are about forty thousand species of spiders on our planet, and more than three thousand arachnids live in North America, some of which are extremely dangerous for humans and animals.
A relatively large spider from the genus Grammostola. Representatives of the species are popular as exotic pets, are distinguished by non-aggressive behavior and, as well as ease of care.

While there are things we don't like about others, these could be our own family members know also there things people don't like about us too... Focus on the good points of others and remind yourself about your own weak points . This is a remedy of a sound heart

Very, very good have all the friends of this beautiful community I hope they are super well, I am very very happy with what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies to the truth that they are very exciting moments because bitcoins have already surpassed their record that he set on October 20 with a figure of 67,118 dollars and today he broke it with a figure of 68,641.

Hello everyone. A handmade faceted glass with a 7.62 mm bullet is an original gift for a true connoisseur. There are very few such glasses, and they look very beautiful, this is a very original art.

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