Men that don’t have gold or silver wedding bands are whores.. LMAO why are y’all so intent on having it look like you have an elastic band on your ring finger ??

Kat redoged

2023 Ins: Barefoot shoes, having dark circles under your eyes and not covering them, smoking reds once in a while, being a woman but smelling like a cheap old man (drakkar noir, scents with lots of cypress and sandalwood), Trance, Electroclash, nonnacore, crochet hats, smiling at others for no reason

2023 Outs: designer bags, lash extensions, veganism, keto, beachy waves, floral prints, wearing ballet flats, longs nails, shopping at the women's section, vaping, Phoebe bridges (whoever that is), fringes, snapchat, vaping

Kat redoged

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