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Rather than going in with a pen and a piece of paper, think carefully about which medium will serve you best. (Perhaps you’re someone who prefers to type on a keyboard).

Despite the growing investment and interest in the European tech market, one of the biggest issues faced by tech companies is the struggle to attract top talent.

“The telematics industry has expanded exponentially pace in recent years, thanks to the introduction of mobile technology, GPS, and the Internet of Things.”: Pranshu Gupta, CEO of Trak N Tell

The adoption of healthcare analytics in India, for the longest time, has trailed behind other industries like retail, manufacturing, and banking which had integrated technology and analytics much before.

"The running cost of maintaining solar is far cheaper than what would have been spent extracting fossil fuels, which is more deadly for the environment and climate than it is," says @Shanaz Khan, COO of Cygnet Energy

"The increased sophistication of digitized vehicles is already putting pressure on auto repair shops to upgrade their technology to provide maintenance and repair services," says Mridu Mahendra Das, CEO of Automovill

: "PayCraft’s UPI Remittance Platform will allow ex-pat/migrant workers and users to remit money in REAL TIME," says Ambarish Parekh, CEO of Paycraft

Important announcement week ahead.🤐

"The use of Al in HR has increased in recent years, and we anticipate that this trend will accelerate dramatically in 2022," says Sarbojit Mallick, Co-founder of Instahyre

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