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Just came across this woman's tiktok, she is truly amazing. i know everyone is doing their own stuff but check her out. she really does deserves the support!

Tiktok: @doramoononyambe

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Between wanting
To forget
And wanting
To hold on.

yes i'm the generation that knew mr hands..

tal redoged
La beauté du corps est un avantage digne des animaux, si l'intelligence ne la relève.
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The Dead Sea is the 2nd saltiest place on Earth - #1 is your bitch ass..

tal redoged

is there even a point of having an apple watch ? i don’t need to know how many steps i took today. the mirror is my apple watch.

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Kanye likes to be playful with language cause he’s an artist - fuck the fake news for twisting his words

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Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.

Rupi Kaur

a lot of times
we are angry at other people
for not doing what
we should have done for ourselves

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