That @tim_cook fellow's Apple SW has been autocorrecting Ethereum to aquarium.

So just to let you know it's aquarium now because Tim Cook said so 😑🥸🤣

@mahdoge Hey I'm getting a bunch of 502 errors on uploads. Much sad

PETA not understanding how they're going to make the mini-game proliferate

Oz Sultan redoged
Oz Sultan redoged

So I wanted to write an article on - So I figured try it out at their lowest level the way that they say that it can get you "massive yields"

TLDR: It does not get you massive yields. It's -5% For the month in an up crypto market

Oz Sultan redoged

@ozsultan defi? As in, definitely don’t know how to speak русский

With how serious all of social media has gotten, I cannot tell you how much I love this platform —where it's mostly just Memes, news and shitposting

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