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@mahdoge National University of San Marcos (Perú).
Is the oldest university in the American Continent (est. 1551).

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Look this thread for some funny pictures of Zelenski (President of Ukraine) 🇺🇦

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In order to expand the community of HellaDoge. Here's a brief article about HellaDoge! 🐶
Check it out!

I've got super powers the week ago.
Ask me anything...

The end of the game became a battle royal hahahaha

I need to learn more Econometrics :c

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@sesily 1. Start with a topic you know well
2. Brainstorm, have discussions with your peers
3. Listen to people talk on the topic but do not plagiarize their style (tricky)
4. Get a coach / mentor who makes you understand your audience (actual answer to your question)
5. A mirror is your best friend - practice
6. Record your speeches and listen to them. Correct them as you go.
7. Learn to use PowerPoint (boring)

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