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Look this thread for some funny pictures of Zelenski (President of Ukraine) 🇺🇦

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In order to expand the community of HellaDoge. Here's a brief article about HellaDoge! 🐶
Check it out!

Gran Torino is a master piece
20/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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Which is gonna be the value of DOGECOIN in 3 months??? 💵 💰 🤑

Best uni in California for economics?
💰 💸

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Which super power is better?

Love Death Robots ❤️ ☠️ 🤖
Episode 7
The Rise of Bully Maguire

Master piece


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Best movie ever ?

tem alguma pessoa aqui que tem dado o exame do Anpec pra mestrado em economia?

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