@mahdoge without getting too pedantic, emo is a strain of hardcore and not pop punk. I'm sub tweeting (sub dogeing?) the "when we were young" fest poster that's been going around that's basically a one day version of the Warped Tour. People keep calling it emo and I can't find one band amongst them. Not my shit, but to each their own.

@oldman_zachs I’m so emotional! I love my block! I’m so emotional! I love my glock! Cash rules everything around me but what’s realer? Bout the skrilla call me a ghost face killa

@oldman_zachs @mahdoge pop punk emo >>> hardcore emo, shoutout paramore, blink 182, fall out boy 🤘

@mahdoge @wavy better yet, let's get our barely legal girlfriends to duke it out over a pack of clove cigarettes in the store room of a hot topic.

@mahdoge @wavy @oldman_zachs
All I think about is dying
Drip cause I've been crying
Icy tears, VVS
Emo cause my life's a mess
Wishing that I don't exist
Cut the work like I cut my wrist

@wavy @mahdoge as far as what's better, I think it's all subjective. But when you start lumping what are essentially pop punk and alternative rock bands with a specific style of hardcore from the late 80s/early 90s, it shows just how meaningless something like "emo" is as a genre. Even a lot of the bands that are in that scene would concede that point. I guess at that point it's both real and false emo, a dichotomy.

@oldman_zachs @wavy at the very least it seems emo to lament the watering down of emo, so swag

@mahdoge @wavy 🎶 Cut my life into pieces. This is my last retort. 🎶

@wavy @oldman_zachs @mahdoge

Was in a screamo band and we claimed to be “post-hardcore”. Warped tour was our jam.

@HellaFish @wavy @mahdoge

this is pretty solid, especially for how young you guys looked when you made it. whoever engineered it nailed the sound pretty much perfectly, especially the drums and vocals.

@oldman_zachs @wavy @mahdoge shoutout to young fire studio did us proper 🙏🏼
And thanks man this is now a decade old 💀

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