Pinned doge

Will Smith don't have to cuss in his doges to go viral, but I do. So fuck him and fuck you too.

Touch z sky

Clements Mountain north side goat trail

Glacier National Park, 2013

Fuck Spotify, I'm tryna get some of that Sloppytoppyfy 🤤

Everyone is all like Ukraine this, Ukraine that. What about MEkraine for once??

Driving a Toyota Incel...errr I mean Tercel

Ok, I'll bite...

What exactly is

"chat of hoochie"??

It's Steely Dan's album "Can't Buy a Thrill" for the last 45 minutes of work and then Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" for the last 10 minutes after that. The other five minutes you should be getting high on the clock.

Training Day was such a badass flick

cigarettes had the coolest marketing before it was regulated out of existence.

I want to get a vending machine but put beers and seltzers (polar or lacroix) in it instead of sodas.

Mixed attractiveness relationship, but it's about the aesthetics of each partners genitals.

mobilizing that USussy to the Ucockrainian/Bussian border to do some whore crimes if we get luckyyyy

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