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@ardaissad i know they are not the most accurate thing, cuz it still reckons im centre left but im defs more centre tbh, alongside with the egoists and anarchists without adjectives (AWA). I know @Alex is a cool egoist, then u got @lanodan who is AWA
@Andrii who is a distributist (kinda like mutualism lite)

theres @xianc78 who is a panarchist, then u got the ancap/vonluntarist squad like @icedquinn @shebang @waltercool @top @kerosene

i know @Indigo was an ancap that has read stirner.

@herag and @[email protected] who are agorists

then u got social anarchists like @0x520 and @vera
@maksimilian_stepniakov is an eco-nihilist
and @matthew is a libertarian marxist.

all these people are based in my books, and very kind too, love em all :blobgiggle:

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ฦ‰2.49536971 - @matthew
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