For 2-3 days after I buy an unripe avocado from Trader Joe's, if it doesn't ripen, I am patient, I am accepting. I'm like, "it's ok... take your time baby... you'll get there...."

But on day 4-5 if it still hasn't ripened I be like "RIPEN MOTHERFUCKER!! RIPEN!!! FUCK YOU!!!!! WHY DID I BUY YOU?!?!?"

This is a prediction for how I'm going to be as a parent

@mahdoge nah this is me but with like job appli and shit

@mahdoge my kids better come up with an answer quick when I violently ask them MOTHERFUCKER WHY DID I BUY YOU

@mahdoge I bought an avocado once and it took 2 weeks to ripen 😭

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