Back in the day you never knew who the man was. Everybody ate and shared in the riches

Tastes nice and salty, just like the tears of my enemies

shouts out to the 2-3 kids in elementary school who were bigger nerds than I was! you guys really took the pressure off me

“I am the Delta and the Omicron” - Jesus Christ

Btw PLEASE DO NOT touch your crypto while drunk!

The risk of even sending stuff incorrectly to yourself and losing your coins/tokens let alone making bad trades or sells is waaaaaay too high. If you are drunk and think something is good at least ask a sober, competent buddy first if you should lol

"Wanna hit it from the back
She agreed that i'm looney
But proceeded to moon me
(I'm getting money *****!)" - Cam'ron

Google should change their motto from "Don't Be Evil" to "Be Evil"

I cover doom and gloom the hits go through the roof, I cover good vibes, seems like my followers roll past, what's with that?

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