E rap (continued):
Real k squared here to try you on
Watch my outfit get long
With your face splattered all over the place
Stop melting
Just get into belting
You think you got it all figured out
Yet you have NO CLOOOOOUT
Pt.2 (FIN)

First e rap from K2
Sick bitch
You think you’re being sexy
Think sexist you winch

Here to tell you vegan doesn’t make you
Just makes you more of a
Has not

Little thing
You mean to win
Yet you lose all the dudes and the food
Damn you really loose.

Here to tell you how it goes:

Money, bitches, hoes.
Whores, stars, fast cars.
Cards, games, sex; none of that shit lame.

@Shanaz @Jacobkozhipatt @Preethi @Genius HE would describe himself as a hermit lol.... but my word for it is "unfriendly asshole"

A lot of people who act this way do so because they have low self confidence, but they don't realize the rest of the world sees it as rudeness and unlikeability. I think one ought to have the decency to fake good manners if they don't come naturally

@Jacobkozhipatt @Preethi the CEO of @Genius was all about ghosting in person - he called it his "Irish Exit"

one of MANY MANY reasons why his company failed....

There should be a gay dating app called "Ho Dudes Market"

@mahdoge @Michael @Echo tell @Michael to help me cheat on the real estate exam!!! I can’t get ahold of him :/. Plus I have a vacuum seal in Arizona so I can always send out some Cali tree easily!! Just have to wrap the fuck out of it then vac seal 3 times

I bet you mine is 50/50 cause I pee/poop/sweat so much!!!

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