you, too, can own abstract modern monochrome art for your walls

one time I got obsessed with this guy to the point where I painted his face twice looking very judgmental since he pretty much used 5 works max in his text replies to my thoughtful 39 word texts

trying to get elon to pay attention to helladoge while he whines about social media not respecting privacy or the value of user participation/content is like trying to....
idk, do something really really unlikely

Not even sure what I'm writing but let me blatantly and while looking hot, remind you all in my HELLADOGE return that I am in some dimensions writing satire or vitriol or political phantasy & that dimensions is gonna find me. I may also become a Youtuber within the next 30 days but since I overthink things and also desperately need $$ ASAP that might not happen. I'm really all over the place. See, I write truthful

Note: I run @fostercarereformandjustice on Instagram. Recently created

How are you doing NYE?

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