Haegue Yang, The Intermediate – Hairy All Over, 2016

ok so like i was just rolling with it but this round of notifications about price taaaaanking just feels personal

detail from tightrope (1994) by emma amos. it’s based on “two tahitian women” by paul gauguin but i just see pizza and tiddies and feel very hungry now

live from the museum: jasper johns, souvenir 2 1964. oil, charcoal and collage on canvas with objects

work by emma amos. going to see her show at the philadelphia museum of art today so maybe i’ll livedoge some for the later

mjf redoged

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important helladoge irl event @matthewdonovan will be arriving at my house any moment

still from Easternsports by Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson, 2014

Michelle Lopez, Ballasts and Barricades, installed at ICA philly 2019

someone plz kick this kids leave it to beaver looking ass into the 21st century

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