hazard redoged

Whoever adds the fake laugh track to viral videos needs slapped.

That blunt has me feeling like I could lead an army rn.

One of the best weed songs imo. Danny Brown in all the interviews and podcasts I've watched seems down to earth.

Weed and good music is why I'm surviving.

hazard redoged

I used to be scared of unrequited love or loving in general due to how terrible it can end but I realized that it is the feeling and what it teaches you that matters, not the outcome. If the person I love doesn’t reciprocate or receive the love I give to them, it simply is their loss. I still am blessed by this miraculous feeling.

hazard redoged
hazard redoged
hazard redoged

If you still share and post things throwing shade at the opposite sex I'm just gonna assume you're emotionally 14 years old still.

I find it ironic when poor basic job working people get mad at celebrities/musicians for having something to say about politics/world issues....you don't know any better than they do...so maybe you should stop having opinions and stick to doing a job that anyone can do.

When you see a good meme but whoever made it obviously failed English in school...like c'mon y'all we have the internet and spell check..

If squirt is mostly pee then you can call me Bear Grylls.

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