Some people steal and say crazy shit on drugs. The most outlandish thing I did was expose a dude in my hometown for being a pedo with pictures n proof. I'm sober now and I'll do it again. Fuckin creeps

After watching a dozen AI Joe Biden speeches, I finally understand why he was turned into a president. He’s the worlds greatest deepfake. He was born to be King of the NPCs.

Someone suggest me cool music plz. Here's some of my recent listens.

Roman roads have lasted for over 2000 years with some still being used today

Labyrinth would of been way better with Billy Idol and less pedo vibes towards the girl written in the script.

Not to sound like a cliche millennial but Mac Miller's death still bums me the fuck out. I wish I could of seen the guy perform. Fentanyl is being laced into everything now. I've met people who've lost friends here from them smoking laced weed.

"The best jokes are like kids with terminal cancer....they never get old"

I fight my depression instead of dwelling in it. I used to stare at my phone making no effort at all. Go on a walk, jack off, try to draw anything, find a higher power even if it's a golden retriever with Samuel Jackson's voice...anything is better than being a victim.

"I can fuck Virgin Mary, 'cause the game so unordinary" - said Kodak Black

Society is the real gateway drug like whoaaa man.

The Last of Us on Sundays is the only thing I'm looking forward to for about a month. Also here's some relevant song lyrics by the band Norma Jean that describes my mood:
"Ah, I think I'm witnessing the end of the world And I like it"

I've got so much to look forward to now but the process is very boring and uncomfortable. Yay for growth.

I need interesting attention grabbing movies n documentary's recommended before I go crazy here 🥴🙃

I feel the need to walk in hopes of getting jumped so that real pain will tell my depression to shut the fuck up. Also I think there is a ghost inside the fridge. At least something is taking up the space.

Probiotics so far have made me go from constipated n miserable all the time to diarrhea and I can't complain. Why be mad you gotta poop extra good?

I only know about this one because of Kali Uchis which is kinda sad because it's better than any song that has sampled it.

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