The kid I’m doing the mural for is my literal twin. He likes hiphop , graff , breakdance , plays guitar and is vegan

Aubrey Omari from cloak and dagger Makes gooooood music.

Sauce by XXX give me chills cuz it sounds like he says “ I got fucking killed”

My HellaDoge app icon has like 100 notifications since beta expired .. I’m famous guys

Like a truth commercial you don’t want no smoke -ug vavy

And chance always used to remind me of lil Wayne

Vic Mensa “straight up” EP sounds like How drake would sound if he actually knew how to rap

Let’s call Women Moments , Woments. Ok thanks

They got the chancla 🩴 emoji hell naw

Sexy motherfucker shaking that ass shaking that ass shaking that ass..

Painting some Nike shoes and a robotic arm.. finished mural coming soon 😇

She my sidekick no Robin but she thick

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