Every news article is pro gun control framed as “Do anything ti prevent this”, yet today Schumer blocked the school safety bill codifying safety response procedures. This is why. It was never about the kids, it was about the mid term elections and Joe Biden’s approval rating. All politicians on BOTH sides want is to maintain their own power and lifestyle. Our representatives do NOT have our best interest in mind

Bruh the quarterly estimated payment requirement for taxes is enough to make me vote libertarian. How tf am I supposed to come up with money from a one time asset sale with no job just to have the government give it back to me next may

Everyone always asks “Why was the shooter able to get a gun” and not “What is wrong with our society that so many people want to commit mass murders at schools”

I miss the days when “I don’t care” was an acceptable political opinion

Not even afraid to admit it: Lil Uzi Vert vs The World is a tier 1 album

Bro we really have lawmakers making laws over what they think “the people” want, but “the people” they’re referring to are just social media counts the algorithm values as viral standout content

My favorite meme of all time Lmao fuck them white weirdos

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