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Wow 11 days since I’ve posted feels like a day gawdam

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FMA redoged

Should I get new drapes? These ones are a little short 😡

Why do people love drake? I fucking love him so much and don’t even know why. I saw him live and nothing was the same

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With Virgil’s passing, do you think LV will crawl back to Kanye?

Do I hop back on Tinder

How do you guys feel about Jordan Peterson’s lectures?

Does the Bible say anything about tax fraud? Insider trading? Securities fraud tho is a sin! @martin

How do people like White Castle? That’s a murder burger right there

I want to know how to fill the void as well. Wasn’t a typo I’m smart

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Turns out I’ve been putting question marks outside of quotations. Good thing I’m autistic

Gonna check in to the Doges: The weather in jersey is ass rn. house of Gucci was too fucking long. Lady Gaga is not hot but thinks she is and plays it off like she’s insecure smh. American horror story = 🗑. And I have been listening to this song non fucking stop bro . I just need to do something out of this world. Like I need to glue a dildo on a statue or something How do I feel the void

FMA redoged
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