Your Body Radiates Energy from the Flow of your Spirit

It Hell to Doge a bullet!
Being a Way for a While due to Sapa, We wana Japa!. it aint easy in my country!

FEeling Low Today; Hope my Fighting Vibes never fade away!

The Power our Spirit Possess made us a god; but most human cant pay the price to bring out the godlike part of the "human" being; but rather prefers to align with the laziness of being "muggles"🤔

Do not mistake your Growing Process as a Problem or Setback. Gold had to pass through Fire to become what it is!

Only spiritual Mindset Can Control The Physical

Power! without which spiritual forces will gamble with your Destiny

The Reward of the Light at the End of the tunnel is only reserved for those who endured😜 the heat under the tunnel.

Giving Up only reveals your weakness! We rather Die Fighting

Nothing good Comes Easy, Be willing to Bell the Cat

Immortals will only trust you with sensitive information if you learn how to keep secret and teach that which you have been asked to teach without adding or subtracting.

Before you can communicate with the spiritual realm; immortals must be able to trust you.

How to travel into the spiritual realm!

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