Gift to friends and family that do NOT own any . Leave no decent human behind! $doge RocketRocketRocket

Dogecoin Legacy says that ...

The current value of 1 is 0.194139 USD

Next price update: 10 minute!

If I don’t see you putting on your ad , why? Do you ? Perfect to watch the on ! Can’t wait for that gold to roll out ! I’d be blasting $doge music :) Long live the A doge mining system :)

Seeing crypto pumping on Christmas Day, would mean more than snow to me.

Let it pump RocketRocketRocket


Fire#DOGE 6h chart continuing to show GREAT strength and is set up to show even more! $DOGE technically has over +51% to go before its target of .285 is reached and can do so at a RAPID pace. 's current movement may only be a minuscule part of an EXTREME PUSH to .285...

$DOGE Merry Christmas everyone, and let's hope we have a good end of the year, the fighters who continue to support doge, hoping for a good future for him!

Dogecoin Legacy says that ...

The current value of 1 is 0.183542 USD

Next price update: 10 minute!

Good morning, ! Twitter says I followback too many ppl… giving me 3 days in the box of shame for a Christmas present. Was just trying to catch up.

This is basically a digital gold rush, and the will be the city that those mines produce. Gem stonePick

WOW! MOTHER TERESA IS WAKING UP! THE MOM OF ALL ALT COINS! I hope you are ready because those holding their tokens are about to take off! For the panic sellers I am for your loss!

$DOGE / I was asked to do this chart

If the altcoins follow and , then this a likely bullish outcome

I am personally NOT buying or any other

My favorite coin last year hold since $.038 after
guess tv show doge get a hard pump and sold it.

hold last 8mos ago but I sold it early 2billion token lesson learn.

Utility is adoption, adoption is utility Dog face❤


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