Some crazy stuffs been down since Epstein suicided. Wonder what horrors await the death of the queen

Primary election season has me feeling like someone should make a thiscandidatedoesnotexist so I can feel better about my write-ins

For the law ppl, what’s a good victimless crime to get yourself into minimum security prison for a couple of years? Looking to catch up on some reading

@brooklynbagel @ToiletPoster this is what's going to get bill gates to embrace crypto

Money ruins everything. When is the communist revolution coming?

People like to think of Elon Musk like some kind of Nikola Tesla, but he’s more Thomas Edison

Chipotle, first you buy the dip, then you pump and dump

dont fix the problem... just fix the narrative! genius!

@tal Ironically, that one person that voted no is the individualistic one.

can you honestly say that you're an individual

I hear the housing markets starting to crack up. Looking for a partner to help me fake my own death in order to use the life insurance money for a down payment

@brooklynbagel actually it was mescaline - which I WANT! Better than acid

60 years ago...SpaceX wasn`t new... these engineers already developed the rocket, vertical take off and landing. 1959 Technology.

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