@mahdoge is uncaffeinated tea okay or is as evil as coffee?

America needs more bidets and saunas

You can be single and you are sleeping comfortable.

Elon Musk has inspired me to one day own LinkedIn

I wanna get into punching bags but my apartment has no good hanging spots

@mahdoge one of my cousins is a Josh and my nephew is a Jonah and this is pretty true

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@mahdoge you know anyone who’s down to convert with me for the names?

Last night in honor of my pre-birthday I went to union square Whole Foods and stole like $30 worth of food - it had been a while

This is the only meaningful thing trump has ever stated

The question which nyc asks men is, "how shitty of a city are you willing to live in to get quality matches on tinder?"

Holy fuck Robinhood pays 3.75% interest on cash now! Should I sell all my eth and just keep it in dolla dolla bills yall?

Uber owns no cars

Airbnb owns no homes

FTX owns no crypto

What’s the over/under on Kanye schtupping Gisele?

This looks like that city in The Matrix where everyone’s plugged in as batteries except worse. At least they got steak

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