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Natethan redoged

@mahdoge AOC boutta fuck me, who better ? wavy > 2pac

i broke the fuck out of my phone screen

Natethan redoged
Natethan redoged
Natethan redoged
Natethan redoged

i dont know why i ever thought i was better than anyone. i'm the least qualified person to make that judgement. i am not without sin. i am corrupted by it. i cant win. i'm losing and it's going to get worse and worse until i can't lose anymore

i know such a fucking ridiculous amount of genuinely cool good people and i don't know why but i'm grateful to have met them and have the ones who are in my life in my life

when i'm bored and need to shower but dont want to and also am high i like to sit on top of the washing machine in weird positions and fight the urge to poop while i look at memes and text

i broke the tv playing multiversus so i actually don't play video games anymore

Natethan redoged
Natethan redoged

does anyone play multiversus? i'm a garnet main because she has big fists the beat the fuck out of people with and that's my favorite superpower tbh but you can't tel people that because it's violent and you're crazy

i play a lot of fortnite if you do too hmu let's run duos

helladoge beta has expired like that milk i drank yesterday after being out in the heat 🤢🚽

AYE ignore the bottom don't worry about that

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i am sharting aggressively into the bowl as we speak. next is cereal

i take shitposting to the next level

going to eventually name something bongsharts because that's what's happening right now and honestly it feels right

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