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@bacchus as you should! most everyone who hasn't decided to devote their life to the advancement of tech should make a point to not have it be such a major part of their day to day life! it's draining and doesn't accomplish all that much aside from a relatively infinite library of information, but more often than not it just becomes a distraction and rewires the way people's brains function in favor of lazier habits.

Nate redoged

i am not on extremely online person like i used to be. i'm kind of out of the loop now and it's nice not having my brain stuck on a lame ass piece of glass all day. in the past ive had issues with overuse of my phone and for now i'm glad it's over because all i ever see is stupid fabricated bullshit that doesn't matter at all. i grow tired of this age of the internet.

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I want helladoge to be a universe that I exist in full of rides and fun

every so often i get israel birthright ads on facebook. people have been calling me a jew my entire life. i have no israelli or palestinian heritage. why does the world think i'm jewisg?

Nate redoged

has anyone advertised dick pills on helladoge yet

Did Michael Jackson do it?

she told me pull my doge out so i let her rub my fur

should i rap about shit i care about

this getting rich shit is going to be so conoli now i gotta get on with it


i am way too fucking smart to be waiting for a 9-5 to graciously let me make $10 an hour for them lol i fucking despise this world

Nate redoged

For 2-3 days after I buy an unripe avocado from Trader Joe's, if it doesn't ripen, I am patient, I am accepting. I'm like, "it's ok... take your time baby... you'll get there...."

But on day 4-5 if it still hasn't ripened I be like "RIPEN MOTHERFUCKER!! RIPEN!!! FUCK YOU!!!!! WHY DID I BUY YOU?!?!?"

This is a prediction for how I'm going to be as a parent

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