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@bacchus don't go against your brain, follow its inclinations. It is different for everybody.

For example, I cannot focus on studying a subject I don't like more than a page or so; so I study something I like with the thing I don't like but have to know, and I do it equally.

I am a painter, and I listen to books while I paint and I can concentrate both at the same time etc.

i want a clock on my neck like Flavor Flav

learned about the law of attraction last night. let's make this shit happen.

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@mahdoge @HellaDoge @alittlehigh

Plz add HellYuhDoge as a feature.

Basically no text limit, but it’s for writing lyrics off the top in a freestyle format.
It gets sent to the team for review of content/ sent to moderators and if within the TOS posted on the feed.

Can also do the same for something like HellaDogeTales for the authors and creative writes amongst us.

I’m telling you it could be huge!

oh friday
this is my day
how much will go sideways?
i hope this last day
is a fast day
and i don't end up in a bad place

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do you wear your mask in public? are you vaccinated?

Nate redoged
Nate redoged
Nate redoged
Nate redoged
Nate redoged

going to revise and work on this one i actually like it a lot

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we're all suffering from an imperial affliction
the corporations provide material addictions
heading down a path of eternal perdition
so we all mask the pain with some worthless subscriptions
but what if there was more to this world than what's on the surface
i mean, everyone and everything has it's own purpose
however, it seems there is a surplus
too much of a good thing can definitely hurt ya

bring the mutha fuckin ruckus! bring the mutha fuckin ruckus!

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Mention what no body taught
You how to do
But you can do it perfectly...


Nate redoged
Nate redoged

Until now,How many of us do not know that "Brewery Syndrome" exist.(Feeling intoxicated/tipsy without drinking alcohol)

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