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Why was the Buddah sad?

Because he did not come yet.

Before we all go to jail for being crypto bros.. JULI.AN IS SATOSHI. John McAfee told me when I created his Everipedia page and he sent me BTC to make "Dont vote for McAfee" posters... redoged

So, uh, are they still working on fixing the the doge coin count?

His dead? or am I just shadow banned... redoged redoged redoged redoged redoged redoged
Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means
for going backwards.
-- Aldous Huxley redoged redoged


I turned 43 today/. AND for the first time in my life a had a moment of awareness and dealt with some issues that came to light with maturity and in a responsible and reasonable way. It is the first time in my life i felt like an actual adult and im so happy.

I finally learned how to love self. To become a better person and how to love others.. ill never stop striving to be better at it.

and for some reason some us men just want to drink from that cup redoged redoged redoged
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