‘Rich Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin ($BTC) Price Crash Is ‘Great News’

Let the good news roll!


Is it still a dip if it keeps going down? How deep will it dip?

This is just out of hand man! the guy bought it for 1.8 ethers, selling for 150 in less than 6 months!

I love the offer at the bottom for $0.01!

Solana NFT Project Rug Pulls Investors for $1.3M—Despite Civic 'Verification'

This is a good business opportunity. Nothing is being done with fake accounts and art work... Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in solving this!


I am at the point where I think I don't understand how crypto works... Can someone explain to me how you can ban a decentralized asset?

Dogecoin Holders Urging McDonald's to Accept DOGE

McDoge coming up!

Google Pushes Deeper Into Crypto as It Hires PayPal Vet

Eeeerrrrbody going in nice and deeplike!

Bitcoin Outperforms Nasdaq

Well, doesn't take a genius to figure that out but here y'all go!


I was just making a purchase for 0.03 Ethereums and my gas fee was 6.221 Ethereums.

In which universe does this make sense?!

Mastercard strikes NFT payments deal with Coinbase amid a wave of recent crypto partnerships

In my very short time playing around with NFTs here is my 2 cents on it:

1. Mint your NFT at release for 0.02 ether
2. Within 3 minutes of buying it put it for sale for 24 ethers.
3. You've increased your net worth by 23.98 ethers in less than 5 minutes! (these are all assuming the Ethereum network is not congested enough for you to pay an extra $600 gas fees)
4. Repeat until you have 300 NFTs that no one would buy

I don't understand Ethereum, I had 22 failed transactions with $0 actually being transferred anywhere and I've paid almost $300 transaction fees! Why is Ethereum so popular when it is flawed by design

I heard about another one of these charities where they take money in the name of charity but the money does not actually get allocated to where it should have been.

Got me thinking, are there any nonprofit coin project out there dedicated to charitable causes?

If it doesn't exist and anyone interested in making it, PM me.

I wonder if anyone would sue Opensea at some point. I personally have reported 8 fake accounts and counterfeit art to them. Even offered them to help identify these accounts with a simple solution which I don't know why they haven't implemented themselves all this time. They can't allow these fake accounts, people are losing a lot of money since those fake arts are not worth anything.

Bitcoin miner beats 1 in 1.3 million odds to mine a BTC block

Buy one of these "lottery miners" and get started ladies and gents!


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