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WELCOME TO DA DOGE @ugwigr - I did a interview with this massive baller last year!! Check itttttt:

Ominvore shaming at the holidays is one of the more obnoxious celeb moves. All the shit going down in the world and u platforming for TURKEYS??? while heavily implying that everybody at Grandmas right now is an @sshole. Fuck off.
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for this community.

@AnthonySWard get yer squad on HELLA @HellaDoge earning that Crypto. Spread the word - Suckbook, spies, lies and DONT PAY DOGE. Get em subbed to @KindaMurdery on thr fave pod app, enter the KM review contest - but most up - be like Turkey Santa and give your faves the gift of DOGE. We get paid to post memex that FB would cancel!😂. Lord Eddie says, Rocknroll Dodgeheads!

Yo @mahdoge @HellaDoge @alittlehigh Let’s give a huge CHILDRENOFTGHEDOGE Big Ups to @AnthonySWard who just reached out to me on MetaZuckBook and joined HELLA cuz of them good HellaDoge promos on @KindaMurdery podcast. Let’s show him how we DOGEIT with all blessings from the beneficent @madamebaboon If anybody gives an F, KindaMurdery will follow the first 3 mythical beasts who follow Anthony! Get that DOGE!

@Ztrain @KindaMurdery honestly, just recently started listening a couple of weeks back.

Shameless plug man says: if the shit I post on @HellaDoge cracks you up…you’ll LOVE @KindaMurdery. Incestuous nut-licking jack russels anyone?
Follow/Sub/Review - check out the baller @HellaDoge promo in the show. We spend every waking second here Yathnk @mahdoge would let @HellaDoge sponsor a waste of your time? Have faith Iscariots

@Ztrain @KindaMurdery you sure that wasn’t picking up me for the U.K.? 😂 if you do that the Brits will cheer it on, they’ll have your support in no time.

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