@Paygan @mahdoge @gzdaboostman @Jacobkozhipatt @alittlehigh are you serious, bro? More like “less-than-half-of-half-of-the-US” while everyone else is like 🤮

@mahdoge nah, this dood shoulda just got a dbag tattoo, it woulda bin cheapr

I’m part of a multi-pod Christmas special. Check it out. @KindaMurdery starts at 1:12:42 (it’s a long special…)


@wavy @mahdoge I can help. @mahdoge give @wavy my email/phone number and have him reach out to me.

“The only history I know is Benjamin Franklin…” - Lil Wayne

If the metaverse is anything like playing on Minecraft Online ,
We’re in for a toxic future gang 😂🤷‍♂️ good luck y’all

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