It’s common knowledge among the poor that if you get a bill (medical, cc default, etc) you can basically wait 7 years and after that period it will drop off your credit.

I am also stoned.

@furgar can we all just stop to appreciate OG Bungie for a second tho 🙏

I’m almost 26 and Halo 3 was my life as a pre-teen/teenager. Reach was great too, but I’d play ODST again over Reach, no doubts (and I still own the Reach Legendary Edition with the crate and statue)

What a better time for gaming and the Halo series 🥲

JGetEm redoged


Poor people laughing cause what is a medical bill but another seven years of rejecting calls from numbers you don’t know?

10/10 don’t recommend unless savage and savvy. Credit scores will be fucked w/o dinner or flowers in the process 100% lol

JGetEm redoged

“It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas, drops in all Crypto’s.”

I got a lot of my gifts to myself early this year 🔥💸🔥

If you are selling or freaking out, I don’t envy you. I “lost” $700+ overnight, but that’s like my ultimate sign when TO buy. I’ve lowered DCA’s for some of my bigger positions and I even snapped up some bargains like SOL since I missed the first round 😎👍

Just don’t be an idiot ppl, so wow!

@mahdoge lololololololololololololol

I earn my money and work hard to invest it carefully. Slap me if I ever sell a dong pic.

I simply don’t support abusing simps for profit.

If someone wants my dong I’ll barter, but SELL?


How tf is my DOGE ppl doing? 🙏

Much love and mucho dinero for all 💸

My accounts be looking quite seductive rn


JGetEm redoged

Imagine if the weird products online were actually on store shelves!

Especially the weirder shit that people in my generation do like selling bathwater and farts in a jar 🤦‍♂️

We laugh at that stuff but imagine a real store where that shit is every single shelf….
Well guess what?

Thanks to Zuck you can soon!

He’ll call it “Meta-Spencer’s GIFS”

@mahdoge when you have E.D. but still promised to bring something to the sexaholics meeting on Halloween.

JGetEm redoged

@Jacobkozhipatt @wavy

Texas just told me that is okay, you can miss our fair (the biggest in the US) here in Dallas lol

2.5M ppl in the first day 🤷

Life is so taxing sometimes 🙃

Love is rare
Friends are foes
Foes aren’t enemies

Always forgiving but never forgotten.

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