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Keep it 💯 always my ninjas 🥷

@Th3DarkDoge is the only place to find such a hot mess of content. Follow today and I’ll call you a good Doge

Also had two cops roll up on us RIGHT after taking a shot of whiskey 👀

Thankfully they fucked right off.

So overnight at the job site in Ft. Worth, a pack of FUCKING COYOTES pulled up on us. Thankfully they left us alone, I don’t want/need a rabies shot lol

Aye .82 DOGE earned. Finally getting my numbers back up 🙏

If you’re reading this tell a friend to buy an ad so we can all make more DOGE

Finally home!

What a long day. Worth it tho when I can lump sum several hundred bucks into crypto :)

Job 1 done, off to Ft. Worth for job 2 today

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@mahdoge @HellaDoge anyone who is on helladoge is superior to the average human!

Sounds like there are fucking jets scrambling over my place or something wtf

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How I met @mahdoge a year ago- he was the first tech person on my podcast-he got some crazy stuff right like bitcoin blowing up cuz of covid and NFTs (artist utility tokens)

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My SHIB is officially worth 4 digits :D

JGetEm redoged

It’s gonna be a long day. Working my regular job then going out to do an overnight power washing job.

The things I do for extra money to throw into crypto 👽

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Now would also be a great time to buy some ETC (ETH Classic)

Down 22% and has 4x potential just if reaching past ATH

There has been a lil crash of ALGO if anyone is trying to make a good move right now.

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