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Sharing the first ever product that basically launched @roamtelecoms

The very first proof of concept and working prototype of the "Roam Solar Power Smartphone" we were lucky to get patented.

Fun fact: This was my final year of university product that ended up being launched as a business in 2017. Our IP portfolio has grown since.

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Remember your worst days are actually your best days, learn from it

I don’t really do fiction because my life feels like it already is

@Shanaz @gzdaboostman @mahdoge i want the queen to be my driver. no one will dare hit my car then

@mahdoge @Shanaz @gzdaboostman amsterdam bud game wavyyyyy. need coffee shops in the US where i buy bud at a starbucks

@Shanaz @poorASF @gzdaboostman @mahdoge run at them naked. everyone is scared of angry naked people.

@Shanaz IRA only helps you if you have a steady job tbh.... if you're disabled/unemployed and you just GET LUCKY one year, you're still screwed! gahhhhh

@Shanaz it's true that IRA does protect savings a little bit, you can buy your stocks in an IRA and then when you sell them for profit you pay less tax. however in this case I had no choice but to make a big sale!

it sucks that the % you pay is based on what you made in 1 year, it should be over the last 10 years at least, or maybe take into account your net worth...

@mahdoge app im working on tho very and ! shoutout to @Shanaz for inspiring me to steal @Jacobkozhipatt idea ! first app idea to be birthed from @HellaDoge community !!!!!!

RIP Lt. Uhura

Here's a picture of the first interracial kiss on American Television.

Discuss : has mankind come a long way...

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