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This was was a fun podcast to be on at @wavy and you're a great host and a blast.

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10% off of @roamtelecoms IP portfolio, available for licensing, exclusive to only HellaDoge users only!

Simply enquire and type “HD10” to get your discount

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Was just awarded “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” by IAA 2022, still baffled by this.

BRB, gonna go update my LinkedIn header to “award winning entrepreneur” 😂

Also, to the volume of anonymous individuals who nominated me cheers 🙌🏼 but now I’m getting nosy people asking about my personal life.

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Sharing the first ever product that basically launched @roamtelecoms

The very first proof of concept and working prototype of the "Roam Solar Power Smartphone" we were lucky to get patented.

Fun fact: This was my final year of university product that ended up being launched as a business in 2017. Our IP portfolio has grown since.

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Remember your worst days are actually your best days, learn from it

With NewChip Ventures fall, each day I thank myself for questioning their business model and calling them out. Several of their own members couldn’t answer 😂

@Shanaz let me know if you find any certificates of theranos

What the hell happened to @mahdoge and why'd he disappear?

I tried to abandon HellaDoge but I couldn’t do it! I wonder how prxdvct/preethi etc manage..

Lehman Brothers share certificate currently being sold as a memorabilia. What’s next Enron, FTX, Bernard L. Madoff Investments Securities? 😂

Live feed from Chinese balloon flying over Kansas

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