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Sharing the first ever product that basically launched @roamtelecoms

The very first proof of concept and working prototype of the "Roam Solar Power Smartphone" we were lucky to get patented.

Fun fact: This was my final year of university product that ended up being launched as a business in 2017. Our IP portfolio has grown since.

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Remember your worst days are actually your best days, learn from it

Today I spent hours in a meeting. It was very productive.

i haven’t read proust, but the illustrator of this print, maira kalman, is a brilliant artist and writer!

500 followers! ✅🥳 Shoutout @namu and all the other cool ppl following me! ❤

ayoo can u guys go on Insta and tag me under this? ik i can win it with yalls help

Yo everyone please sign up to @vestedapp - my homies new app to help keep track of life financially!! Beta just came out

Just sent a beat for the first time to a label, wish me luck.

I typically just produce dance music, but trying something different for the lols

I hate flaking, most especially in events.



Writing is so powerful. Just time traveled 14 years back by reading what I wrote years ago. Reading it made me realize I had written that for my future self to be read at the exact time I read it today. Call it a coincidence but this is the best example of time travel I have ever come close to.

He’s just an analog man in a digital world

These were the views early in the morning last winter at Alabama Hills just west of Lone Pine California. If you ever are on 395 it is worth driving through. If you camp there do pack out all forms of waste. Don’t bury poo and toilet paper in the desert if you can, especially in a sacred place like this. Coyotes dig all of it up and it gets everywhere. Thanks Instagram for attracting irreverent morons here.

The Weeknd new album is absolutely insane.. this guy is the biggest genius of all time. He is better than michael Jackson. This is so much better than Kanye or drake it’s not even a comparison

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. On behalf of the Roam Telecoms Team!

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