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Sharing the first ever product that basically launched @roamtelecoms

The very first proof of concept and working prototype of the "Roam Solar Power Smartphone" we were lucky to get patented.

Fun fact: This was my final year of university product that ended up being launched as a business in 2017. Our IP portfolio has grown since.

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Remember your worst days are actually your best days, learn from it

@Shanaz @alittlehigh it is cool either way, I'm just glad to be back. Thanks 😌

@Shanaz @Jacobkozhipatt @Preethi @Genius HE would describe himself as a hermit lol.... but my word for it is "unfriendly asshole"

A lot of people who act this way do so because they have low self confidence, but they don't realize the rest of the world sees it as rudeness and unlikeability. I think one ought to have the decency to fake good manners if they don't come naturally

It is not that we have a short time to live, but what we waste a lot of. - Seneca

The greatest asset that man received from God is tongue, your tongue shaping the direction of your future. Use your tongue to charge the cause of your life

Your faith is your currency. you have all you need to because what you want to be in life.

3/3 Now, the third, the columnist defines as a conscious blindness. Some would say indifference. They are super privileged and unaffected by the system. They are completely blind to feelings of others and their aggression is aimed at people doing worse than them. They get off on it. I think these people are not blind at all. They know very well what they're doing. They are the reason fear exists.

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2/3 The second kind that I think exists is one created by the system. These people are blind to their privilege... Because of lack of exposure to people from other walks of life... Since we have a system of elimination... And certain communities are ostracized... These people barely know the struggles of people who have it worse. And go about lives... unaware of their privilege.

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1/3 A columnist remarked that people can be boxed in two categories of social blindness. I think there are three.
The first is a cognitive blindness... Something I know all too well. These people exist in the society, trying to be their best selves, but certain things are outside their realm of understanding... And even when their intent is not malign, end up perpetrating/enabling evil because of their ineptitude.


There are 2000 NFTs in this collection. With 3 teams collaborating and 5 teams participating in the minting!

I love the smell of profits in the morning

@Paygan I guess I gotta sign up to troll / spam helladoge lol

I swear, RFID passive tags needs to be embedded and utilised in socks, whenever they go in the washing machine. I’ve lost more socks in a year than attending zoom meetings.

Check out my most recent YouTube video-I talked about Balajis Srinivasan-the guy who bridged crypto and Silicon Valley, and why he thinks in the future well all be investing the way that we all are interested in sports/pop culture


Finally, We at TechGraph have signed a multi-year editorial partnership with France24 News Channel...

More Update soon

@HellaDoge is first to hear it, but I just partnered with origin protocol, the guys who sold the Charlie bit my finger NFT, to auction my interview with John mcafee!

The clip for sale is him explaining how to be happy in one of his final public statements ever, and why “you should be happy, even in jail, if you are following your heart”

Check it out below!

The main way I got Rap Genius to blow up is I started tweeting controversial stuff and at the end I'd put "RETWEET IF YOU FEEL ME!" - the tweets would go viral lmao


Season 3 of You. My oh my 👀 Joe and Love are truly made for each other, but that ending, didn’t expect it.

@ozsultan @Feekaryo @Keshbentley I’ll be watching Squid Games, still hope the hype doesn’t let it down.

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