Paygan redoged

@Paygan @udoge it’s time to launch DOGEPEDIA and then we can scrape all of Wikipedia and everipedia to start

@mahdoge @udoge Perhaps if we offer a couple of grams of his fave flave instead, he might go for it?

@mahdoge @udoge That's where all the Everipedia money went.

I asked Navin if he could get a price for the rights to Everipedia from Tedde so we could continue it.

No reply but I figure it's worthless to him so if we can get it for $100, you could pay me my Dogecoins and we could go into a 50/50 partnership and rebuild the whole damn thing like it's 2018 again, bring your 8-9,000 followers back to a new Telegram.

Paygan redoged
Paygan redoged

@mahdoge I think that was on his 28th Birthday though, which is a bit spooky.

@mahdoge @InquilineKea LoL, I had to look that up and posted the story just for reference. Travis knows how to hack Wikipedia but I'm not sure he wants to hack people up. There is good in him. We shared a fish and chips meal together in London and all he hacked up was the fish.

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