@Paygan hahahaha

If "the ppl" were a thing then "the ppl" would have fixed the situation long ago.
The reality is that they all like it the way it is. So they deserve everything.

@CapitalB Time to remove their blindfolds then?

They know and are complicit (Chinese)
They have a different outlook (Russians)
They just dont care and dont have to (Brasilians)
They... just live differently (Most of Africa)
They follow the book (Book-Followers)
They are hopelessly divided (soon half of European nation states)


@CapitalB They are on their way to take photos of the Aaiha Temple, the first capital of the Qaraoun Culture that birthed all of those peoples and cultures so we aren't so hopelessly divided. (My friend Ramy, A Druze on a Harley Davidson in Southern Lebanon in whom I have Faith)

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