@Milkatron121 Stalin wasn’t communist he was fascist cc @Ztrain - this is a semantic issue. We are pure Marxist we are chill - down with Stalin!

If Stalin were Alive today he would be banned from HD

@HellaDoge @Milkatron121 @Ztrain I had this exact conversation on Twitter last week.

It ended up with me telling the communist that the British Empire created 1.3 billion of the currently alive Chinese people because of our industrial revolution.

That shut the commie up.

@Milkatron121 @HellaDoge Unfortunately, yes. Xinping runs communism based on gold and greed, which can never work and ends up with either Stalinism or Brezhnev Stagnation.

The only way communism can work is if greed's removed from the human psyche by replacing gold as a currency with ancient myrrh.

Like in the old days...

@HellaDoge @Milkatron121 lol. Sure in theory, if you ignore human nature. The thing is if you were communism always turns into some version of Stalinism/fascism. From Russia to China to Eastern Europe and South America, we have nearly 100 years of test cases on this by now.

@Paygan @HellaDoge @Milkatron121 can’t believe I forgot North Korea. Btw, I’m good friends with a bunch of El Salvadorans, and that president you guys are always hyping is bad newz. Don’t get me wrong, crypto is awesome, but the fact that it’s the preferred species of strongmen and terrorists shouldn’t be ignored. (hey dad I sound like such a sanctimonious asshole.)

@Milkatron121 @Paygan @HellaDoge how do I sound like a sanctimonious asshole? Because this sounds like a Facebook conversation. Or how is the president of El Salvador bad? Because he purged all of his political opponents and dismissed the Supreme Court in the Attorney General, just for starters…

@Ztrain @Paygan @HellaDoge I’m inquiring of the latter. Other than the BTC adoption I haven’t anything worth mentioning

@Milkatron121 @Paygan @HellaDoge so how about purging his political opponents and dismissing the Supreme Court? Is that cool cuz he likes BTC?

@Milkatron121 @Paygan @HellaDoge just one more starry-eyed commie quickly transitioning to strongman without even the pretext of giving any fux

@Ztrain @Paygan @HellaDoge can’t wait for the hookers and blow story they’ll cover on him 4 years from now

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