Sex is more of fun to men, while sex is emotional to women!!!

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Sex is like math; you add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide her legs, and pray you don’t multiply

Africa is a platform for tech companies to drive and I bet you...,

If you run your business like hot sex, YOU will be great.
Don't ask me

In Africa, Politicians are gods that the citizens that vote them into power/positions are worshiping!!!! What a shame:;;;

If only am employed as a staff, I will personally take helladoge to the moon!!!..

African is the big market!!!
The secret is ......

Is now time, Helladoge become twitter!!!

A blind man enjoy love 100% without seeing the spouse acting waird physically most time!!

There is a force beyond the PHYSICAL EYES!!!

Believe this and know Peace!!
Nobody love you better than your very self!!!

No body will force you to love.. But your heart will make you to!!!

Loving someone is not a crime but a bigger RESPONSIBILITY

If you are felling in love, please OPEN your eyes to see the nonsense...

if your heart carry you..or not to love. Then you will know

Who will win the Premiership League?

Sex is over rated!!!!
You will know when you finish ejaculating

Can anyone verify for me about ''coin farm'' and how legit they are!!!

Please guys help with a good

1. Helladoge: The Best Web3 social platform

2. Web3 Social media platform: Helladoge

3. Helladoge: The Birth of Web3 platform.

Please guys, I need your contributive comments

Afinotan redoged
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