Who will win the Premiership League?

Sex is over rated!!!!
You will know when you finish ejaculating

Can anyone verify for me about ''coin farm'' and how legit they are!!!

Please guys help with a good title..review

1. Helladoge: The Best Web3 social platform

2. Web3 Social media platform: Helladoge

3. Helladoge: The Birth of Web3 platform.

Please guys, I need your contributive comments

Afinotan redoged

Women are like flowers!!!! That need nurturing!

No matter how beautiful you are, there is someone more beautiful than YOU!!!!

Why is it called a blowjob if there’s literally no blowing involved?

If you depend on PEOPLE, they will fail you ...therefore depend on your ability and God

Love others the same measure you love yourself!!!!

You can't love someone more than you self, if you do...there is bound to be some happening!!!!

Mother and Wife, who is more important to MAN development?

Let get some ANSWERS!!!

Artist are made to showcase their gift to humanity

If you can't handle responsibilities now, please don't marry...

Beauty without brain is unfruitful in the journey of life

To love someone is FULL-TIME responsibility

Marriage is not for everyone!!!
Know this and have PEACE

Nobody can hurt you more than your self ...just enjoy the life you have!!!

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