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One month of talking every day — and all of a sudden this past weekend she starts taking forever to reply. No idea what I did wrong — you guys reckon she’s just lost interest/it fizzled out

Thoughts on beef jerky? Insanely high sodium but great protein

Everyday i eat the same meal:

Chipotles chicken bowl with a 50 cent tortilla — chicken beans rice fajitas and corn

Eat one and you’re done for the day

It is better to be real and poor or fake and rich?

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Sometimes outsiders are the most benchmarked people because stats are the only thing they can understand or compare with, so they become VERY MUCH Z BY THE BOOKS

Got chewed out on a probono first TV assignment by some rich dude

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What’s crazy is meeting these kids making like 20k a month off of selling random shit online

I finna sell the FTX has no crypto shirt cc @mahdoge

Hey Helladoge:

Keepin Kozy is back! For our first interview we had David rubenstein the billionaire founder of the Carylye group. Watch below!

Lolll (for context, Shakira said her ex husband went from her (a Rolex) to a casio)

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So weird that so many people wanna go out in grad school—esp the people who were more tame in undergrad

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