but then James Sinka told me "you're less socially awkward when you're edgy" and tbh I did ask some good edgy questions to a biology person DAO.

I mean, DON'T OVERDO IT. I should have SOME SENSE by now

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life is already HARD ENOUGH as is, I don't need to make it harder. I don't need the edginess component, unless the storytelling is great, and I'm not the best writer most of the time

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Edginess is a form of novelty that is no longer necessary

it is also a form of stress-testing ahead of time

But I don't need it. I have other priorities (health, energy levels, BEING TRUSTED ENOUGH for social access) that are WAY WAY more important, and to degree edginess decreases my social access, I don't need it. I've lived enough to see enough of its novelty-generation

realizing more that I trust people *WAYWAYWAY more* if they're unattached, autistic, ADHD, bipolar, immortality-obsessed, do psychedelics, or/and have edgelord/lolcow tendencies [but know when is too much]. Or if they *love weird* or have caused social messes in the past

I've been more down the past few weeks than during July. :/

why are most older people in longevity so emotionally stunted -.-

like I LIKE THEM AS PPL, but ppl on crsociety.org and rapamycin.news and all the olde sites are emotionally stunted af

If you make someone briefly angry at you, COOL OFF/DE-ESCALATE. Escalation causes people to be INCENTIVIZED to double-down (=corruption)

It's true the Thiel Fellowship didn't (yet) produce someone akin the founder of AMD/NVIDIA. Tbh it means SO much to me in large part because the emotional torture/trauma of school is an unnecessary collective experience that it debugs us all from (thus it was stil essential for progress)

I took the autism quotient questionnaire again.. SO MUCH of this is social confidence rather than autism. Naturally one's autism quotient index should go down after age 14 AS social confidence increases.

Ppl care about socially protecting themselves *more* than they care about doing the "right"/"good" thing. SOME aspies are more trustable because they lack this self-instinct for socially protecting themselves

vibe-checking with EVERYONE is the proper thing to do when too tired to do anything else

So like, there are some actions that cause maximum disgust but minimum damage, and taking time helps both people come to that conclusion

what comes after Generation Z? Generation Fucked

There are only two things that matter: longevity and freedom from burnout-inducing or unnecessary/dumb work. Everything else (including unnecessary edginess and image) is compromise-able.

I slightly predicted James lovelock would die on his bday

I'm so fucking exhausted today I tried listening to Schuman resonance which helped a bit

Just ate 6 tea bags and barfed it all out. This is the second time tea leaves have made me barf. It doesn't usually happen

at 1517 summit i was in the group with kevin wang and tobias murthy and then phoebe came up and said that i'm the person who always intro's her to future thiel fellows

loll it's not that many

gqhakaksfhakfa 2 ppl at 1517 summit asked me how old i was b/c they thought i was 15 years old sfdfaeefeefa

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