vibe-checking with EVERYONE is the proper thing to do when too tired to do anything else

So like, there are some actions that cause maximum disgust but minimum damage, and taking time helps both people come to that conclusion

what comes after Generation Z? Generation Fucked

There are only two things that matter: longevity and freedom from burnout-inducing or unnecessary/dumb work. Everything else (including unnecessary edginess and image) is compromise-able.

I slightly predicted James lovelock would die on his bday

I'm so fucking exhausted today I tried listening to Schuman resonance which helped a bit

Just ate 6 tea bags and barfed it all out. This is the second time tea leaves have made me barf. It doesn't usually happen

at 1517 summit i was in the group with kevin wang and tobias murthy and then phoebe came up and said that i'm the person who always intro's her to future thiel fellows

loll it's not that many

gqhakaksfhakfa 2 ppl at 1517 summit asked me how old i was b/c they thought i was 15 years old sfdfaeefeefa

Given the actions of other players, how do *you* optimize your actions at moments to constantly be in alignment with (pro-longevity) actions *as much as possible* without producing actions that burn you out for those more prone to burnout?

someone said i should just be on joe rogan

I'd rather be called a "loser" by someone who takes joy in calling me a loser (or who takes joy in making fun of me) BECAUSE THEY STILL ENJOY MY PRESENCE RELATIVE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO CANCEL ME. Being called a "loser" or "worthless" or "incompetent" is WAY better than being cancelled

hypomanic episode is WAYYY more socially acceptable than nicotine overdose lolol

Know how to give thanks to those who APPRECIATE YOU MORE when you thank them (disproportionately to background and who maintain the appreciation over 5-10 years)

you DO have some power to frame the appreciation in a way that makes them appreciate YOU more - part of it is in your control

The people you are "too much for" are those who are *potentially* the ones who have the highest responsiveness to you (if they want more of you in them). Most people just don't care enough for you to be "too much for them"

I don't have the conscientiousness for a traditional blog/substack like what everyone else has, but THIS IS PART OF MY VALUE TOO. IT MAKES ME FREE FROM PRE-EXISTING FORMS

I feel like the world has been conspiring to get me to be friends with one particular person, even though I make every single possible damn non-permanently-damaging mistake in front of them. At least none of them are irreversible yet but I BETTER change and I'm confident I will

Why do most people NOT even want to be saveable - it's guaranteed better outcomes for them

School is a "kardashev-scale crime against humanity"

If someone is hypersensitive to you being too "nosy" around them, they won't notice the 95% of instances when you respected their boundaries or didn't try to prod. They'll notice the 5% of instances when you *seemed* to prod more (even if it was just asking a few followup questions to other ppl volunteering that info to you)

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