@mahdoge I live in Manhattan but identify as “woke”. Am I a sheep in wolves clothing? 😛

@bacchus @Anthonious Wim Hof professes the exact opposite. He’s all about cold shock therapy and hyperventilation. Idk if I buy it though

@mahdoge did you really have a tumor removed? That’s some intense shit! Did they let you keep it?

@mahdoge who cares if he’s actually saying what needs to be said?
I knew Californians were flocking to Texas but I didn’t know it was to suck Abbotts dick…

@Milkatron121 I wonder how many I’ve argued with already…

HellaFish redoged

“When he had said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight. And when they saw what had occurred, they proclaimed, “damn, that shit loud!”“
-fActs 1:9

@Preethi 4.36 😔
My friends are sometimes late to the rendezvous

If public executions were still done today would y’all go watch? I’m talking Epstein and a guillotine on 1st ave. I’d probably stop by…

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