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@mo_hifzan @mahdoge @DogeAds No need to sign up. Just post me your dogecoin address and I'll send you some free coins. <3 Sirously :)

@PRXDVCT Hey, I'm sorry I'm just seeing this: "What page? Thanks for reporting... I have a feeling this was when the internet was going down. We got wacked the day before Facebook. Thanks for letting me know!"

@_ No offense taken, but a Bitcoin faucet was the first Bitcoin service owned by a Bitcoin Developer (you can see Satoshi talking to Gavin). was registered when Bitcoin was 25 cents each. Giving away free cryptocurrency isn't that hard honestly.

@madamebaboon 100 million dollar dash isn't a bad sprint. I made that much doge in a week before. :P Sprint your little heart out in my opinion!!!!!!!!!

On @FreeBitcoins you get through affiliate marketing - MUCH SATS! HellaToshi. Join today!

@mahdoge @HellaDoge We've been cryptocurrency users for a long time and we fund our own faucet thus far. Hopefully, the altcoin exchange will fund it more aggressively. We built FreeBitcoins because I got sick of all the Dogecoin faucets robbing my donations! :P I think we've given out 170,000 Dogecoin too since 2018.

We give away free cryptocurrency on


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