We have removed the 24hour wait period on new accounts to have faucet privileges. We have also increased the get to 0.1 DOGE. Have fun! FreeBitcoins.com/faucet

@mahdoge @oliver "Your retainer is going to be $25,000 and I will bill you as needed." :P <3

@acontriveddive I actually identify as Aunt Steve. Let me know if I need to put on my dress and come down to your school to ever straighten them out! <3 I guess you could call me Dad Aunt Steve or DAS for short(?)

Friendly reminder that we send free stickers all over the world. No shipping fee or anything. Simply put the address where you want them to come by mail and we make it happen! freebitcoins.com/stickers/

@acontriveddive Go gamble it and buy a whole cabbage. Scared dogecoins don't make no dogecoins.

@acontriveddive live.blockcypher.com/doge/tx/1 Love you too, you dirty monkey! ;) :P Totally not being racist btw <3! Enjoy! Dogecoin to $100!

@acontriveddive You haven't missed anything and if you never ask... the answer is always no. Please post your address <3

@mahdoge You available to take on a company client as general counsel?! :P only teasing har har

@acontriveddive Did you send your Dogecoin address? I don't see your notification <3

You never actually earn free or UNTIL those coins deposit on keys you control.

@PRXDVCT @mahdoge You got a little bonus for being the first to post an address on HellaDoge!

Free Dogecoins today. Just post your address that starts with a D! <3 @mahdoge

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