An Water Amusmentpark in rural north Iceland, its "cosy"

An incident in the San Fransisco Zoo has sparked contreversy, after ataff mounted a laser guided weapon system on one of the Pandas, dressing it and another sick elderly Panda up as dinosours, having them fight to the death in full veiw for visitors, amogst them young children.

Rapes are funny, give me a Wow if you agree!

That door looks like it had a meeting with Bill Cosby. that is, it looks as if it got RAPED! LOL!😂

A local drunk dad dressed his herd of bastard kids up as roman soldiers and beat the crap out of them, thats saturday in my neighborhood for ya!

Would you? or could you? turn this guy down on that "offer"...

"zIPPZAPPPIDDIZUPSUPP!" About sums it up i guess,😂

The nightsky veiw from my balcony, only 60km from the Arctic circle, HELLADOGE!

I used to line up those stolen Sylvanians as models in my earlyer days as a broke photographer making his way!

what happened to that windw, i want great answers only! (it OD´d but then what!)

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