Went to pee while my computer updates and restarts and walked back as it was finishing

Time is a measurement. It’s not that deep.

Made my first blog in 10 years. Feels good

Who tryna start a book club and read all the Junie B Jones books?

And then I’ll top off all my doctor aspirations by getting my tongue tie cut

Def going to an ear doctor tho. Unless this isn’t a free country

Forgot what I was about to, oh yea, thinking I should go to the cardiologist but not sure if I need to see a regular doc to get referred or if this is a free country.

The garlic hummus has too much salt but the regular doesn’t have enough

Anyone wanna make me a chili cheese dog? No big deal if not but…

Good thing Ukraine gave Biden's son so much money. Things would be so much different if not.

Bro “Tell the truth” by mozzy is so fire. Songs like this are why there’s internet nerds. You can’t enjoy a song filled with talk about things happening with enemy’s and not want to know the context behind it.

I need to just own a Burger King franchise straight up because I want to eat the chicken fries but I just don’t want to go there.

You gon look for a new partner if she ain’t givin dat back up

Bro why do hackers want to log in to my Spotify so bad

Epi pens go from $500 to $10 with insurance.

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