I been sending this to thirst trap scammers after they ask me for a gift card

@CranialOrigami gas is just stupid man, 90% of the time it costs more than the art itself!

In my very short time playing around with NFTs here is my 2 cents on it:

1. Mint your NFT at release for 0.02 ether
2. Within 3 minutes of buying it put it for sale for 24 ethers.
3. You've increased your net worth by 23.98 ethers in less than 5 minutes! (these are all assuming the Ethereum network is not congested enough for you to pay an extra $600 gas fees)
4. Repeat until you have 300 NFTs that no one would buy

@ashkan I have stuff on Objkt objkt.com/profile/tz1asjC6vRDS and and hic et nunc but I don’t have a web site. Twitter is @CranialOrigami and thank you I appreciate the love. I’m open to colab as well 🙏

I don't understand Ethereum, I had 22 failed transactions with $0 actually being transferred anywhere and I've paid almost $300 transaction fees! Why is Ethereum so popular when it is flawed by design

🙏 I wrote a war poem for Ai and saw the YouTube videos of evie the Ai chat bot. I wonted to write an Ai love poem and after sone time chatting with evie this is the result. I did the painting just before writing the poem.

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Yeah I was drunk one night and made up a few meme beers collection

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