He lives with his grandmother and now I'm afraid to go to my grandmother

Today is a wonderful sunny day. What does that mean? It's time to feed the ducks. I was very lucky and I ambushed them to take this photo :) so it was a successful photo hunt

Do you like to collect shells? I like beautiful seashells. But of course I like to find coins on the beach much more :)

Stairs to the sea - something that we often lack in everyday life. And no, not just to swim and sunbathe. No wonder the Japanese love to contemplate nature. There is harmony in it. And even on a rainy day, when the waves are raging at sea - there is harmony here that will help calm the storm in the soul. Have a nice day and a happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Now I have a piggy bank! And not ordinary, but author's painted by my nephew :) I really like such toys when you have blanks and paints for it. The task of the child is to color this blank (doll, piggy bank, decoration). My nephew couldn't decide which color I would like the most and decided to use everything at once :)

Still waiting for the package. I'm starting to draw my postman

When you are waiting for a package from Aliexpress. Meanwhile, your mailman… 😱

Look what coin I got. My brother exchanged another 2€ for me. And if you believe ebay, then it can be sold profitably :)
however, I doubt it. It does have a small issue, but it is unlikely to buy a coin for 45 €.
Pay attention to the ad on the left. I wonder what the seller hopes for and whether he will be able to sell these 2€ which are not at all rare

This kids going to have Easter trust issues... πŸ‡ 🐰 πŸ‡

Who likes drawings on asphalt? Look what I found. I think it's a dachshund ant :) what do you think?

I already want warmth, I want the sun, I want the sea and go somewhere. I hope this photo also gives you a whiff of salty air and sea spray! Have a nice day to everyone!

What is more invigorating than coffee? You will tell me that when you overslept, you get up faster. But it's all nonsense. This mouse is the key to your cheerful morning and pre-infarction state 🀣 I found it in my bed in the morning! Thanks to my nephew for hiding it there πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

My Christmas tree is still standing :) and all because we bought a little real Christmas tree. And you know, it's starting to grow! I really hope that it will become our New Year's tree next year :)

Who said graffiti is ugly? Beautiful portraits and reproductions of famous paintings can be found all over the world. You can see amazing drawings in different styles. Here is one such example. A beautiful urban landscape that smells of Italy :)

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