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CoolBoo redoged

Foods for America and others country. Life as a Chicken farmer is a HaleFarmers.
Everyday we woke-upp early and took a great care...from egg to chick. Keep our facility clean and provide high quality service to our suppliers and customers.
Alot credit to our farmers across America.
Keep job in USA...

Some Rice Bamboo Dessert from Arkansas
A friend call up...Cheerful Thursday, Let's rock BooRice from her farm.

My last visit...was 2019.
Giant Bamboo
Fastest Growing Grass on Earth
They only grow on Zone 9, hot humidity.

Remembered this photos..a friend vacationing in Laos and found this place in Luang Phrabang, Northern of Laos. CoconutHaleJuice.
I heard in Florida they got this too..but the taste is not tropical, but salty taste vs I Mexico or Southeast Asia. Gotta go this place someday when my Haledoge..reward me enough...

Vernacular Lifestyle..."Freedom" Countryside...feeling.

Bamboo way of life in different part of the world.

Nice Catch HaleBear..
No need to human..let`s fly to my mouth..👍

Not Exactly sure why...Greenbucket attached? Modern farmer in Japan.
Plowing and pulling.

Mother Nature in Arkansas
Believed or Not..sure cannot win mother Haletornado.😂

Health &Tips
Do your homework....
Soursop, Anti Cancer, fruit that prevent spreading or continuing. Check the benefits.

Life...a matter of LIVING...

Miami Fruit..."MAMEY SAPOTE"
Never this fruit so HalehugePote.

A very rare and extremely expensive Tropical fruit.
Best Energies Fruit🥰 Meaning a replacement of My REDBULL?

Fuel your day, a full of nutrients to keep you satisfied and energized ⚡️

A species of tree native to Mexico and Central America, "Beloved fruit".

The word “sapote” is from the Aztec word tzapotl, which means soft, sweet fruits.

My first Harvest...Big Budz..
Never was my first holding this flower.

Foods Sources during in Inflation
Made your own BOWL NOODLE

Recipe 1 - Standard
½ cup of rice flour
½ cup of tapioca starch
⅓ cup of water, boilingrice flour, for dusting

1. Large bowl, add the rice flour and tapioca flour then whisk.

2. Add boiling hot water to the flour mixture and quickly mix.

3. The mixture with warm water

4. Slices small noodle sizes.

Which is more Suistsinable than other...can we afford more Petroleum vs Alternative Resources.

Our Mindsets...for eco friendly products.
Can we afford to loss such "70% of water" to wasteful.

Jungle in China
This is I called....Domination of Entirely Mountain us full of HaleBoogle forest.

When land and space are limited..the only way to own grow your own trees and plants.

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