Best one

@HellaDoge @PRXDVCT M&Ms do have protein! unfortunately for me i don't trust either product because of everything else that's in them. &Mgains

@Anthonious @HellaDoge yeah I also wouldn't eat either of them lol. I'd love to try the Lil Boosie chips tho cc @wavy

@PRXDVCT @HellaDoge @wavy LOL i saw these in Best Buy a while ago and thought "man, what a random endorsement".
in hindsight i should buy a bag just to have one. i don't eat chips though really.

@Anthonious @PRXDVCT @HellaDoge its a rap snacks thing where they have a bunch of rappers and connect their gimmick to an existing flavor. I've had some of the chips they're trash. chips in general are a wack food imo just eat a baked potato like a boss


@wavy @PRXDVCT @HellaDoge i don't even eat potatoes no more to be honest! and chips CAN be good, depending on what oils they're fried in...but for the most part i stay away cause of the lack of nutrition, high sodium, and s e e d o i l s

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