i am not on extremely online person like i used to be. i'm kind of out of the loop now and it's nice not having my brain stuck on a lame ass piece of glass all day. in the past ive had issues with overuse of my phone and for now i'm glad it's over because all i ever see is stupid fabricated bullshit that doesn't matter at all. i grow tired of this age of the internet.


@bacchus as you should! most everyone who hasn't decided to devote their life to the advancement of tech should make a point to not have it be such a major part of their day to day life! it's draining and doesn't accomplish all that much aside from a relatively infinite library of information, but more often than not it just becomes a distraction and rewires the way people's brains function in favor of lazier habits.

@Anthonious i really like the way you're looking at it. i hadn't considered that side of things but it's definitely true that this stuff isn't just going to go away with how far we've gotten. we live in such a strange world. in my region agriculture is a big thing, and we're focused on ways to implement technology into a rural lifestyle. it's a more natural setting, so i have the liberty to distance mt self from it.

@bacchus that's awesome! personally i love the rural areas for that reason because i really don't care for the social media life as much as i find it entertaining to just go out and find adventures with people. it's tough being back home and living in a relatively boring urban area because not many people do that stuff that makes you enjoy life and the overwhelming feeling of existentialism and joy in the experience.

@Anthonious never too late to reconnect with nature. remember where we come from friend. all this is new

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